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Image by Shad Islam


Our mission is to provide free, accessible and inclusive baby carrier education and support to caregivers, practitioners, agencies and non profits in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  


We believe babies are designed to be carried. It is not just an activity, but has a rich and important history in cultures Worldwide. Being closely related to primates, it is biologically appropriate to carry our young, and comes with countless benefits. With the right information and tools, it can be a useful and mutually beneficial practice for both caregivers and children. Carrier choice is personal, and all brands & styles fit differently.

Founded in 2010, we offer free drop in meetings with hands on help with your baby carriers, as well as a library of carriers to try on. Expectant parents welcome! We understand narrowing down a carrier to register for can be overwhelming. 


Meeting dates and locations vary, so please check our calendar and social media pages. No RSVP or sign up required.

We support all family structures and identities. 


Looking to partner?

We offer free educational seminars and training for hospitals, clinics, practitioners and other perinatal professionals, as well as partner with other local organizations and non profits. Please contact us for more information.

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